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Want a Fully Customized, Production-ready WordPress Back-end But Don’t Know Where to Start?

Cusmin has everything you need. Your site can be ready for your client in less than 1 hour. No more searching and installing dozens of incomplete plugins that never address all your needs.

We’re introducing the revolutionary all-in-one solution for WordPress admin panel and login page branding and customization. Configure once and reuse it on all your other sites.

We know that your time is precious, so we’ve assembled everything for you in a single solution that has everything that you will need.


How Cusmin Was Made?

Working with thousands of customers since 2011, we know EXACTLY what you will need for WordPress back-end preparation.

Collecting all valuable feedback from our customers for all of these years, we’ve collected all the greatest ideas and have created the tools that are now assembled in a single ready-to-go solution, easy to use and manage, so you don’t need to waste any more of your time on other plugins.

Custom WordPress Dashboard Widgets
Custom WordPress Dashboard Widgets

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Customized wordpress login page
Customize WordPress login page with Cusmin

To make it as easy as possible for you to start, we are proud to offer you a fully-functional free trial that you can install on your website. No prepayment, no credit card needed, just simply click the button below and try it out on your site for free.



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Why Cusmin?

  • All-in-one solution: for admin panel and login page
  • Built-in managers: Admin menu manager, admin bar manager, dashboard widgets manager
  • Tailored for professionals: Perfect for maintaining multiple customer’s sites
  • Security: Hide everything you want from users, disable access to specific pages
  • Multiple customizations: Specify different customizations to apply to different sets of users
  • Custom sets of users: Create your own sets of users, combine WP groups, capabilities or particular users
  • Branding: Custom branding colors, custom background images, custom branding logos, custom featured
  • Reuse settings: Configure once and reuse Cusmin settings between multiple sites with a few clicks
  • Scalability: Easily upgrade to higher packages as your customers base grows up
  • Documentation: All features are well documented and supported
  • Support: Our team can help you with any other specific requests that you may have
Customize WordPress admin bar with custom items, subitems, icons, colors, remove/hide/change existing items

Why You Should Try Cusmin

Cusmin will save your time and energy and will improve the quality of the products that you deliver to your clients.

Customize WordPress Admin Menu Completely
Customize WordPress Admin Menu Completely

For the fraction of your investment in Cusmin, your clients will value your work more and it would be easy for you to raise the price for your work while still retaining your most-valuable clients. Having a happy client will increase your chances for the recommendations and future collaboration with him. Cusmin will give you a competitive edge where your work can be easily recognized comparing to other competitors on the market.

Cusmin is Scalable to Your Needs

You can choose what Cusmin package fits the best for your needs, and you can scale it as you get more profitable customers. You can start with a PERSONAL package that has 1-site support, and you can upgrade later to higher packages as you need. Managing multiple sites become even easier since you can reuse your previous Cusmin settings.

Life Saver for Administrators Managing Multiple Sites

If you’re an administrator/developer preparing/building sites for your clients, Cusmin should be a no-brainer for you, since it will save you a ton of time, make your life easier avoiding multiple plugins maintenance, help you brand and prepare WordPress sites for your clients in a way they really want, help you retain those clients for a long-term, and improve the workflow of your deliverables. When you try it out you will see what we are talking about.

To make it as easy as possible for you to start, you can try Cusmin for free first, and upgrade later when you need.


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Note: Free-trial is offered for a limited time. Depending on the demand, we may pull it back from our offer soon.