How to White Label Your WordPress Admin Dashboard with Cusmin

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“Just another WordPress site” – is history with Cusmin

WordPress is the most popular platform for creating sites in the world, running on 30% of all world’s sites, but most of the people who are using it are not WordPress experts. It makes sense to prepare it for such users and make it as easy and as intuitive as possible in order to improve their daily experience.

Why WordPress White Label is Important

In order to get the most from your WordPress site, you would need to install dozens of plugins. Every plugin leaves its footprint in the WordPress admin dashboard, admin menu, admin bar, settings etc. These options can be very confusing to your users and for some of them, it’s crucial to hide from your users. When you prepare WordPress site for your clients and users you would need to give them only those options that are relevant to them. Clients are usually not very technical people, and they don’t want to see too many options and complicated interface.

When you create a new WordPress site, you probably have a theme that will impress your client, but your WordPress site’s backend looks just like any other WordPress site. This is the place where you can actually surprise and impress your client with customizations and branding. Keep reading and you will find out what you can do about it.

White Labeling with Cusmin

So what is Cusmin? Cusmin is a collection of tools that you can use to prepare sites for your clients and brand it with your own content like logos, colors, styles… Cusmin covers just about everything: admin bar, admin menu, custom colors and icons, page security, dashboard widgets etc.

Customizing WordPress Admin Menu

The WordPress admin menu is probably the most important part of the WordPress back-end that you need to take care of. After installing dozens of plugins, it becomes very difficult to manage. Your users will probably need some settings for creating regular posts or posts from custom post types and that’s it. All other options are unnecessary. Cusmin’s powerful Admin Menu manager will help you to prepare the menu for your clients.

You can remove all unwanted menu items in the Cusmin Admin Menu editor, change, rename, add custom icons or even add your own menu items and subitems:

Cusmin WordPress Admin Menu Editor
Cusmin WordPress Admin Menu Editor

To hide an item, click on the eye icon. To change it, click on the Pencil icon. When you create a new item, X button appears. To delete a custom menu item or subitem click on the X button next to it. When you click on a Pencil button on a particular item to edit it, you will see this:

Edit Admin Menu Item
Edit Admin Menu Item

Here you can change the name of the menu item, change the visibility by changing its capability level, change the icon, icon color, text and background colors.

Securing Admin Pages With Cusmin

Cusmin gives you the ability to restrict access to some particular pages in the WordPress admin panel for your users. Open the page you want to restrict in the browser and copy its URL from the address bar. Paste the URL in the field and click on Add a Rule button. Your restricted page will appear down below.

Restrict Page Access in WordPress


Admin Bar White Label

Cusmin Admin Bar Manager will help you to completely customize all items from the admin bar. You can hide, edit, rename or recreate new admin bar items very easy. It’s also possible to re-order the menu items. In short, make your admin bar in a way you want with your custom links and colors.

Cusmin Admin Bar Editor
Cusmin Admin Bar Editor

In the Cusmin Admin Bar Manager, you can add your custom items and nest them to any level of depth. This gives you ability to create a tree like structures in the admin menu. Here is an example:

WordPress Cusmin Crazy Nesting
WordPress Cusmin Crazy Nesting

You can check how it looks like on the Cusmin Demo page.

Cusmin Colorizer

Colorizer gives you several sets of colors that you can use to apply custom colors to the admin panel and login page. For some items like admin menu and admin bar, you can see the live changes immediately while you’re changing them.

WordPress Cusmin Colorizer – Some of the Colorizer Settings

Custom Code

In case you want to add some custom code or styles, Cusmin gives you these fields to do that. You can add CSS or JavaScript code for the admin panel, login page and even for the public pages.

Custom Login Page

Login page is the only public page in your WordPress back-end that can be seen by anyone. So it’s important to make sure it’s branded with your brand colors and images if you want to leave a professional image of your site to your clients. Setting small things like custom colors and background image will leave a positive impact to your client.

WordPress White Label Login Page
WordPress White Label Login Page

Hide Table Columns

With Cusmin, you can hide unwanted table columns or meta-data from post types for specific post types or custom post types. Just check what columns you want to hide from your client, and those will be removed.

Cusmin settings for hidding post type tablem columns
Cusmin settings for hiding post type table columns


Original Post Type Table Columns
Original Post Type Table Columns
Post Type Table Columns Hidden From User
Post Type Table Columns Hidden From User

Other Customizations

There are plenty of other customization options. We suggest you to have a look at Cusmin Demo page or check Cusmin Documentation in order to see them all.

How to Start?

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