Cusmin 0.9 version available

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We are very proud of the new Cusmin version and new features that we introduce in it.

Here are some of them:

Code highlighting

Code editors in Advanced tab now have highlighted syntax in CSS and JavaScript. This will make much easier custom code management on site.

Custom icons

This Cusmin version introduce support for Font Awesome icons. Now you have more than 700 different icons to choose from! We also added support for admin bar custom icons, both WordPress Dashboard icons and Font Awesome icons. Your admin bar will look now better than admin bars on any other site!

Dashboard widget templates

We have added several dashboard widget templates that you can add easily to your Dashboard. You can choose from Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Pinterest, Instagram, RSS, Weather and Google Calendar

Sending notifications

With admin notifications you can send error or info messages to other users on your site. Notification will appear below admin bar, like WordPress or plugins’ notifications. When user click on it to close it, you will be notified that user read┬ánotification that you have sent. You may even choose to send an email┬áto your site users from Cusmin.

New color options

Many, many, many new color options for more branding admin menu, admin bar, login page etc.


For complete list of changes, please check CHANGE LOG